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Over 15 years ago I first got my start as a commercial advertising photographer by shooting location photographs for the BC Film Commission. My job was to capture beautiful images of interesting and unique locations all over the province and use them to lure Hollywood to shoot in BC. I spent my summers driving and shooting wherever and whatever I wanted. At 17, it was a dream job. Fast forward to today and my love for travel and photography is stronger than ever. Having said that, as my Grandma always says, “Everyone needs a place to hang their hat.” For me, I can’t picture a better place to hang my hat than Kelowna, BC.

Working strictly as a commercial advertising photographer and living in Kelowna means that only about 50% of my work actually takes place in the Okanagan. I go wherever the assignments take me and last month Nina, my trusted lighting tech, and myself flew to Edmonton for several days of shooting for Ironline Compression. Despite the incessant rain and extreme level of mud, we had a fantastic shoot. Rox Jones was our creative agency and, as always, we had an amazing time shooting for them!



Immediately following that we were off to rural Montana for a week of aerial photography and video. Montana is just such a beautiful state and to see it from the air is something else.





We just returned yesterday from a government advertising assignment in Alberta. We experienced rain and then clear skies ….then torrential rain and then clear skies, all in only eight hours.

We are both glad to be back “home” in the Okanagan.