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Hospitality Photography

Shine a Light on Your Hotel or Resort

Inspire bookings and reservations with thoughtful and dynamic hospitality photography from a renowned international hotel and resort photographer.

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A Hotel and Resort Photographer With Over 20 Years of Experience

The luxury pool surrounded by greenery, the breezy ocean view from the balcony, the cellar full of red wine aging in oak barrels, the delicate handmade pastries paired with craft cocktails — capturing the nuances that make your business special is what professional hotel and resort photographer Shawn Talbot does best.

Shawn is part of a select group of photographers approved by Marriott International to photograph their global hotel and resort brands.

Hospitality Photography Services

  • Hotel & Resort Photography
  • Restaurant Photography
  • Interior Design Photography
  • Room Shots & Amenities
  • Aerial Photography
  • Food & Beverage Photography

“We designed a lot of restaurants under Navigate Design and typically would do our own photoshoots, mostly because as designers we are very particular about how we see the spaces. For a new restaurant in Alaska, we commissioned Shawn to do the shoot for us… Shawn was very easy to collaborate with and catered his shoot to our needs while bringing his own creativity… The result has exceeded our expectations and we will be proud to showcase them in our portfolio.”

Ken Lam, Navigate Design

Our Process

How We Create Images That Get Future Guests Talking

1. Pre-Production

It all starts with a thorough plan. Before we haul in the lights and iron the bedsheets, let’s sit down to discuss the story you’re trying to convey and the ‘look’ you wish to achieve. Armed with a shot list and a pre-shoot preparation checklist, it’s time to start getting ready for the shoot day.

2. Production Day

You’ve gone through the checklist, cleared the front parking lot of cars and had housekeeping move through the space to ensure every wrinkle is ironed and every drape hangs with even pleats. We’ll meticulously light and capture each scene and ensure that not a detail is missed. We know we’ve nailed it when each space looks like something a potential guest just has to experience.

3. Post-Production

If the camera and location are the clay, the editing suite is the kiln. From removing wrinkles from pillows to making sure the wine is a mouth-watering shade of deep, dark red, retouching turns great photographs into images that you’ll be proud to share.

Images Your Guests Will Love

Ready to create a photo collection that gets attention? Learn more about how a professional hotel and resort photographer helps your hospitality business stand out.

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