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Architectural Photography

Capturing Your Creativity

You’ve spent years living and breathing your design. It’s the breadth of your creativity, knowledge and experience given life in wood, concrete, steel and glass. Every line, every dimension, placed with divine intention. Before you hand over the keys, we’ll capture the space in its best light.

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Staircase interior of residential home

Picture-Perfect Architectural Photography

Arnold Newman once said, “Architectural photography is one percent talent and 99 percent moving furniture.” As an architectural photographer and perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, Shawn has spent more than 20 years ‘moving furniture’ to create beautiful two-dimensional photographs of three-dimensional works of art for talented designers and architects.

Architectural Photography Services

  • Interior & Exterior Residential Architectural Photography
  • Interior & Exterior Commercial Architectural Photography
  • Interior Design Photography
  • Luxury Real Estate Photography

“We’ve worked with Shawn Talbot since 2013 to photograph Barkman Concrete’s residential and commercial sites. He has continuously provided stunning and breathtaking photography that has been showcased in our catalogues and websites over the years. We are glad to have had a great working relationship with him for nine years now and counting.”

Peegy Ontong, Barkman Concrete

Our Process

How We Create Breathtaking Images for Your Portfolio

1. Pre-Production

The best photographs begin with a well-laid plan. From how many images you need to how you’ll be using them, to discussing what mood the space should convey, to creating a shot list and schedule, pre-production is all about getting on the same page for shoot day.

2. Production Day

You’ve gone through our pre-photoshoot checklist and have prepped the staging areas. As we work through the 10 to 15 shots we have planned for the day, we’re working together to make sure every subject looks its best.

3. Post-Production

This is where we turn great photographs into award-winning portfolio pieces. For every hour we spend on set, we’ll typically spend two hours on the computer color-correcting, compositing and retouching the final images. The end result is a collection of showcase images that perfectly and authentically represents your work.

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