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It has certainly been an extremely busy year thus far! The team and I have had the opportunity to shoot for a large number of amazing clients who have presented us with all kinds of unique challenges and opportunities.

We began early in the year shooting for Svfara Boats, a leading wakeboard boat manufacturer. They required photography of their boats while there was still snow on the hills. Early morning shoots where you can see your breath are never much fun for models in bikinis (and telling them “pain is temporary, photography is forever” never seems to inspire the kind of enthusiasm we are looking for). So rather than attempt to use models, we decided to focus entirely on the outstanding performance of these boats using professional stunt drivers. The team and I designed and built a camera rig specially designed for use on the water. We took what we had learned from our work on car commercials and applied it to boats. It worked beautifully! We were all very pleased with the dynamic, high-impact shots and, most importantly, so was Svfara.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to photograph new branding images for Gateway Casinos. Their new Lake City Casinos location in Vernon, BC was spectacular and we had a great time shooting with Suzanne and her crew.

This spring we spent a large amount of time traveling around BC shooting for the Culos Group of Companies. This assignment had us shooting dawn and dusk “beauty shots” of many of the buildings they have constructed over the last 30 years. There is something about setting up my camera and equipment before the light of dawn, before a city awakens and sitting quietly, waiting for that brief moment when the light on a building is perfect.

Speaking of sitting quietly taking pictures with nobody around, a few weeks ago I inadvertantly doubled my insurance premiums. I was sitting on the edge of a northern mountain lake at about 2am shooting a magazine cover when a large boulder decided to send me and a lot of my equipment into the lake. Needless to say, it was a very cold and uncomfortable drive home. However, the good news is that, thanks to the generosity of my insurance provider, I now own the world’s best digital SLR camera along with the newest and best lenses and accessories. Gotta love those over-priced “all-risk” insurance policies!

Another recent shoot that stands out in my mind was a fashion assignment where my team and I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ashley Forshaw, Canada’s top bodypainting artist. We spent a day in the blistering sun in the desert vineyards of Oliver, BC and captured some stunning images. Ashley’s work was nothing short of extraordinary. I challenge you to go through the “People” section of my website and find the woman who is wearing nothing but paint.

Currently we have many exciting projects on the go including a couple of assignments in Toronto and Arizona. This week we will be shooting a series of very emotional and provocative TV commercials in HD for the food bank. The commercials are sure to generate some waves and bring more awareness to the good work that they do.

Many thanks to everyone we have had the opportunity to work with over the last few months! It has been a pleasure and we hope to work together again soon.

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