I am pleased to announce the launch of a new company that myself and Jan Vozenilek have partnered up on … Rubicon Aerial Cinema.

Aerial Photography Kelowna

Jan is a highly accomplished and respected cinematographer that has worked internationally for the past 20 years. Jan and I have both worked frequently as aerial photographers and videographers for clients around the world throughout our careers. Only a couple of years ago, “drone” technology (originally developed by the military) evolved to a point that allowed commercial photographers and videographers to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that carry cameras. Earlier this year, Jan and I spent months researching the best UAVs in existence and settled on a German-made unit and then had it fully customized. If there was an upgrade or extra option available, we included it. Our UAV is the most advanced in the world and provides an exceptionally stable platform for our camera. In fact, the results from our UAV far surpass any work that either of us have ever done from a full-sized helicopter. One of the primary advantages to using a UAV is that we can operate below 400 feet. This is the “sweet spot” for capturing the best aerial photography and video.


As well, the UAV is exceptionally stable. It has eight rotors, is gyro-stabilized, has a remote 3-axis camera head and utilizes dozens of dampeners to reduce vibration. The result is incredibly smooth and fluid video footage and rock-solid aerial photographs.


Since opening Rubicon Aerial Cinema two months ago, we have already managed to shoot for some outstanding clients including FortisBC, the BC Wine Institute, Bottega Studio, Ex Nihilo Winery, Sparkling Hill Resort, Tourism Kelowna, Wildplay, Destination Races, Harvest Golf Course, West Harbour Developments, Jane Hoffman Group and many, many others. We are so thankful for their support of our new company and we look forward to many projects with them and others in the years to come.


To check out some of our recent aerial photography and aerial videography (and to see shots of the UAV in action) please check us out at www.RubiconCinema.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rubiconcinema