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Life as a commercial, architectural and aerial photographer based in Kelowna, BC.

Before we enter busy season, I wanted to reach out and say a quick “hello” and let you know what we’ve been up to.

2018 was an exceptionally busy year – particularly August, September and October which were primarily comprised of rescheduling photoshoots due to smoke from forest fires. Fingers crossed for clear skies this summer. Having said that, this was the third summer in a row with smoke so we are already starting to see commercial photoshoot bookings for summer (I would highly encourage scheduling photoshoots as early in the season as possible).

I finally had an opportunity recently to update both and with some of our latest work. If you have a chance, grab a coffee, a glass of wine, a bottle of scotch, whatever you fancy, and go on a little photo tour. I would LOVE to know what you think of the websites and the photographs! Feedback is always appreciated.

On a bit of a different note, over the last 20 years in photography, I have amassed a bit of a collection of random images of my hometown of Kelowna, BC and of the Okanagan Valley. I often get asked by clients for stock photographs of the area and, until last week, I would dig through dozens of archival hard drives to locate suitable images. I have finally created a database of the shots at   Many of the photographs are rights managed and require permissions from the rights holders but at least they are now all in one convenient place for viewing.

Over the last two years, thanks to several international hotels/resorts, architectural firms, commercial clients and Getty Images, we have done a ton of travelling on assignment and are thrilled to have a number of photoshoots coming up in Sedona, Toronto and the Dominican Republic. Please connect with us on social media to follow along on our journey.

A huge “THANK YOU” to all of our amazing and loyal clients! We love working with every one of you and I hope that this email finds you happy and healthy. Hopefully we have an opportunity to work together this year.

All my best,
Shawn and The Team